Nov 9, 2010

Jennifer's outdoor portraits in Boise at Kathryn Albertson Park, by All Outdoor Photography, Mike Reid.

I met Jennifer when I was shooting senior pictures for Jarod. Jarod is a good looking guy and his pictures came out great, (reminds me I need to post a blog here of them :)).

Jennifer is a very sweet girl who has no idea how cute she is. She is a college athlete and has boundless energy. So having met Jennifer I asked her if she would like some portraits and she was up for it. we went to the park. I need to find some new spots :).

She was kind of nervous since her boyfriend was there watching....the girls always have a hard time relaxing when the boyfriend is watching....but we worked through it and came up with some pretty good stuff.
I plan to shoot her again next year after it warms up again....

All with the 70-200 and the 42" softbox on a stand with the D700. Pretty much the standard setup for portraits.

Thanks Jenny!!
Here is Jenny;s full gallery at my website:

Nov 7, 2010

Katie, amazing dancer, Boise Idaho outdoor Portraits.

Katie is a dance instructor here in Boise and she is a choreographer and works in a local dance troupe.
Really a sweetheart and so talented. We only scratched the surface of what she can do with this photoshoot.

All shot with the D700 and the softbox on a stand, we also used a handheld flash held below her and shining up.
All with the 24-70, next time I shoot her I am going to use the 70-200 to get a shorter depth of field.

Basically just told Katie to do her thing and I took the pictures. It was a cloudy rainy day, which is what I love to shoot in so it all came out good.
Thanks Katie for the amazing poses! Here is her full gallery: