Feb 26, 2011

Textures are fun.

I just love textures. Everytime I see a photo with a texture that just fits...I can't stop looking at it.
They add an extra dimension, photos take on a more classic, finished look. At least to my eye.

There are a few tricks to the process but I am getting the hang of it. I copied a couple tutorials off line and pretty soon I will have the process memorized. It takes about 5 minutes to do one photo, for me it is worth it.
This is one of Katie's photos. I like the shot before, but with the texture, I like it so much more.

Feb 24, 2011

More Boise dance with Katie Ponozzo.

A few more from the shoot with Katie. Some of these are right at dusk. The light was amazing
The wind was howling so we didn't even try to keep the wind out of  her face we just shot, her lines make and the light created beautiful photos. All natural light, no lightstand could have withstood this gale.
Thanks Katie, these came out so good!!!

Feb 21, 2011

Katie, beautiful dancer with textures.

I have always loved artistic black and whites with textures. I envied the holders of the mysterious voodoo knowledge than enabled this wondrous effect. I tried several times to figure it out but just could not get there.

I know those of you who already know how to do textures are thinking, geez what a (((( &&&&! It is so easy.
Well now that I have finally taken the time to figure it out....yeah it is pretty easy.

Needless to say I am excited about the possibilities for my future with textures.

These shots with Katie came out very nice. This is at the Old Penetentiary in Boise. I have done photoshoots there several times and I always walk by this old door, it took walking by it several times before my eye finally realized it would make a cool photo.
The Old Pen is an amazing place for outdoor portraits in Boise. There is a rock garden right next to it as well that is amazing to shoot as well.
I have another card of shots with Katie at the rock garden I will be sharing soon. Should have them done in a couple days. The light was so good, right at sundown.

So with Katies artistic talents...a pretty cool old door...and my new found skills with texturing. These shots are what came out of it.
Taken with the D3 and the 50  1.8  lens, in natural light. I think these were shot at F2.  I had intented to shoot Katie with flash but there was turbo wind this day....and my lights have hit the concrete enough already.

Great shoot with Katie. Really been enjoying the shoots with the dancers lately. A good mix of beauty action and art.
I have another shoot on the card of Katie dancing with silks which I will be posting shots from soon.
Thanks Katie, you're the best!!

Feb 8, 2011

New wedding portfolio gallery.

We are outdoor photography specialists. We are experts at handling any weather condition mother nature may throw at you.
Photographing people outdoors is really always challenging. It is always an adventure finding just the right backgrounds and settings in just the right light. Once you find just the right spot then the subject of the photo needs to be placed into just the right position with your camera settings set just right, using just the right camera lens and supplemental lighting if required.

When shooting weddings sometimes that is actually how it works....usually not.
What really happens at weddings is that events are quickly moving along, it is the photographers responsibility to know where when and how to take the photos so the light is right and the backgrounds are optimum, and of course the shutter needs to click when the subjects are all looking their best. Sounds easy right?? 
Well there are no redo's, if the photographer gets it wrong that moment is lost forever.
There can be no valid excuse for messing up a couples wedding photography.

That is why your best chance for success is to hire a photographer that is an experienced expert in outdoor photography. One that will show you a lot of examples of consistent success....over and over....in any situation.
By hiring an expert you ensure you will be receiving the quality of photography you are paying for and deserve.
Everyone wants wedding photography they will be proud of to show to their friends and family. Photography that will be enjoyed for years and that will become a part of the family history.

I am attaching a link to my latest wedding portfolio gallery.
I hope you enjoy the gallery, there are a lot of great people in these photos having a lot of fun!
We have been so lucky to have met and worked with so many amazing couples.